Bolorsoft LLC - Softwarelokalisierung


Mongolians do not have to be fluent in international language to buy products and services. Because, Bolorsoft makes easier to understand software programs, web pages and any other programs to read and grasp completely in our mother language by localizing software programs. We have great experience for localizing software programs such as the widest range of open source program in the world, and Gnome and KDE desktop systems. We also localized several platforms of Nokia cell phone into Mongolian on behalf of russian company Palex

Do you want localize your application into Mongolian? Our localization team is very experienced in this field. We did the localization of from the open source world and some Nokia Plattforms from the commercial field.
Do you want to outsource your localization to reliable and specialized professionals with high skills and technical resources that are required for high quality localization? Your search ends up here, please contact us.