Bolorsoft LLC - Outsourcing & Offshore

Outsourcing and Offshoring

The top secret of successful business organization in tough competition of business environment is outsourcing with lower cost and higher efficiency. 

Do you have financial or technical difficulties to create or manage own software department? Then, the right solution is outsourcing. Our focus is to serve as the IT department for small and medium businesses to save your time and money.
We have the expertise and strengths in the following fields:
  • Software Analysis and Design
  • Software Architecture modeling
  • Client-Server Applications
  • Distributed Applications
  • Complex GUI applications
  • Data Conversion
  • Database Maintenance
  • Web Development
  • Systems Programming
  • E-Commerce Applications

You will gain following benefits by outsourcing from Bolorsoft LLC:

  1. Focus On Core Activities
  2. Cost And Efficiency Savings
  3. Reduced Overhead
  4. Operational Control
  5. Staffing Flexibility
  6. Continuity & Risk Management
  7. Develop Internal Staff