Bolorsoft LLC - Stellenangebote

Job Vacancy

Bolorsoft is very young and growing company, so we are searching reliable, long-term working crafts. If you meets following requirements, please contact us. We offer following.
  • Personal development chances
  • Friendly staff which helps to create a positive working atmosphere
  • Possibility to work on varying interesting international projects
  • Performance-oriented payment
Currently, we have following job vacancies.

Web Designer and Developer

2 person, Requirements:

  • Strong foundation of drawing skills, graphic sensibility, and color work
  • Strong knowledge of XHTML / CSS / JavaScript. skill to develop by W3 standards
  • Good knowledge of JAVA, PHP (object oriented) language
  • Expertise of Symfony, MySQL database systems
  • Strong knowldge of JQuery framework

Some experience with Adobe Flash, Adobe Photoshop would be advantageous


Software Engineer

1 person, Requirements:

  • Having a strong understanding of software engineering practices and holding engineering disciplines
  • Skill on object oriented and agile programming
  • Being organized and having systematic thinking skills
  • Having excellent teamwork skills
  • Having strong knowledge and expertise of J2EE or EE6 platform
  • Good english

Some experience with system programming would be advantageous.


Software Developer


  • Having strong knowledge of C++/Java programming language
  • Having excellent teamwork skills
  • Being organized and having systematic thinking
  • Good english

Some experience with open source frameworks like Symfony and Cake would be advantageous.

English Mongolian Translator

2 or more positions.

  • Excellent knowledge of english and mongolian languages
  • Highly organised and self-motivated
  • Experience in a deadline orientated environment and ability to work under pressure.
  • Experience of technical translations
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Writing skill of Mongolian traditional scripts
  • Willingness to aquire new localization tools

Some understanding of german would be very advantageous.